M. Joakim (she/her) is a light artist and composer working in Toronto, Canada. She has extensive experience in lighting and projection design for live theatre, dance performance and concerts. She is a Dora Mavor Moore Award recipient for Scenic Design and she is actively touring internationally. Her solo work primarily focuses on lighting and sound as waveforms that occupy space, fostering a holistic connection to self, others, and the Earth. 

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Awards + Press
Umbra Transit Lux Manet on display at Oeno Gallery from May 2023- May 2024

Praise for Prophecy Fog: "...environmental designer Melissa Joakim create[s] an ethereal atmosphere where origin stories, cosmology and archeology co-exist."

Design Lines Magazine
"[Umbra Transit] this light art uses real-time data to track the changes of the sun and moon as they cycle through their pathways in the sky. It interacts with the environment by representing these changes with vibrancy, colour, shape and shadow.

Highlight reel of Lumiere: The Art of Light featuring an interview with M. Joakim for Umbra Transit

This is what it's like to visit Toronto's breathtaking light exhibition

Discussion with Kevin Press of The Moderns about SONETLX: Concert for Sound and Light at the Music Gallery's 2022 You in Mind Series

Featured in "Day in the Life" section

Review, Two Odysseys: "The design crew need to be counted among the stars of this production, especially Melissa Joakim, whose lighting worked much of the evening’s visual magic."

Dora Mavor Moore Awards:
Winner, 2020: Scenic Design for Prophecy Fog
Nominee: Scenic Design for Isitwendam
Nominee: Lighting Design for Taken by Night

Pauline McGibbon Award:
Nominee: 2020 + 2017
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